Selena Gomez the star of the Disney TV series

    Disney seems to be one of the largest manufacturers of stars when it comes to children, or rather teenagers! Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez and whose popularity has increased since the first played the star of the Disney TV series, Wizards of Waverly Place.

    Before starring in the Wizards of Waverly Place show, Selena Gomez starred as an extra in several television shows, Barney and his friends to be one of the most popular. Then audition for the show and got the lead role, Alex, an aspiring magician after discovering that their parents have a magical power. The show is in the middle of season 2 and its popularity is increasing.

    I remember last year at the same time, when Hannah Montana television series was the launch? The story on this seems to be repeating as though Miley Cyrus did not become popular overnight, Selena Gomez is following closely and who knows where popularity is one year from now.

    My two daughters are both absolutely crazy about Hannah Montana and Wizard of Waverly Place episodes, and even I am inclined to see, more often these last few new episodes whenever they leave. I think the characters have a personality so well and make you feel like you are actually involved in the TV. Disney seems to have finally found that the quality of the work on quantity and here I am referring to programs such as Crow Fair or the life of the room that has a lot of episodes, but are of minimal quality, and the actors are not as large either.

    So congratulations to Disney to choose the actors of the likes of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus for these two programs and it seems that the change in "management" has definitely helped increase the number of fans.

    I work as a graphic designer and web somehow, hearing the school, presumably, my two daughters heard that one of his friends have a website about Taylor Swift and do? They come to me and ask me to be a fan site Selena Gomez says he will add the content once it arrives at its wheels. Yeah, like it was going to happen.

    Selena Gomez is easily one of the most popular teen stars arrive at the scene of entertainment. Gifted singing and acting, the 18-year-old is also a strong influence on children as well as being an active philanthropist and champion of the disadvantaged.

    Born in New York City, Gomez grew up in Texas, where the star lived to be 13 years of age. The future of Disney actress was released in the PBS show Barney and his friends until he was recruited by Disney at the age of 12 years. Gomez served as a guest on the show The Suite Life of Zach and Cody on an episode and she made her feature film debut as "the girl in the water park", Robert Rodriguez 3D spy movie Kids: Game Over. From there, the young Gomez guest-starred on three episodes of Disney Miley Cyrus' Disney hit show Hannah Montana, where she plays Hannah's rival Mikayla.

    Race Gomez signing took at the time of his debut in their own Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place. Recorded three songs in the Disney label, including his version of Cruella De Vil. The song was made especially for the release of 101 Dalmatians on DVD.

    Because his career was taking off, Gomez was called "the next Miley Cyrus," Gomez comparison was flattered by it. Cyrus took to YouTube to openly mock Gomez and other Disney star Demi Lovato and his streak of self-beat fun. Everyone involved denies any ill will.

    Later she acted in Another Cinderella Story in 2008. It was a straight to DVD release, and was the sequel to the 2004 feature Hilary Duff. The film was a surprise hit of the house mouse. Following this success, Gomez did voice work in the light of Horton Hears a Who! other two Disney films: Princess Protection Program (along with her friend Demi Lovato) and the film version of The Wizards of Waverly Place.

    But Disney is not the only place to find movies Selena Gomez. Gomez will be starring in his first film vehicle with Ramona and Beezus, based on the popular Ramona series, writer Beverly Cleary children. Gomez played Beezus, Ramona's older sister. Romana is a third student with high creativity and imagination. The features are focused on the family home being removed and Ramona, with the help of her sister, trying to save him.

    His next project is the Monte Carlo romantic comedy from acclaimed director Tom Bezucha. It's Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy and is based on the novel by Jules Bass Headhunters.

    In the movie of the three women traveled to Europe on vacation and focuses on two best friends who save for a girl trip to Paris. The girls are joined by new sister Grace. While in Paris, one of the three is believed to be the British Crown and the three girls are involved in the media circus. Monte Carlo is easily greater Selena Gomez films hit theaters.

    While at the time of this article, Gomez is not connected to any future, it is clear that the popular singer and actress will be a powerful artist in the years ad I'm sure there will be many more movies Selena Gomez.

    Finally! High on the list, after one of the strangest release strategies for a debut album that I know we have a musical gem waiting patiently under the title of the track. I began to hear the new CD of my brand spankin, hoping for the best but not expecting much after a few initial releases, and was more than satisfied when "I will not excuse" began to play. The introduction of simple guitar licks in a style that resonate throughout the entire song, with a jump takes subtle, but quick in the first verse. Complementing the intro guitar is an instrument that provides great volume synthesizes an implementation of otherwise very relaxed. Whether or not the early releases were given the same treatment, it seems that this song anyone paid much attention to the way in which music was to harmonize with the voice.

    Is Selena's vocal style that drives this song. That is, their voice is not more than the fall in time with the rhythm, like a player waiting to hit their mark, but that is pushing the pace to keep up with it. The music may stop altogether and not miss a beat. And there is a peculiar sense of passion in this song I particularly like the distracted singing to herself. It's almost like taking a look at the mind is racing as she thinks back to an event that undoubtedly had an impact that it has become.

    In fact, although the letter described the song as they are mostly not apologize for who you are, the way it is sung, the emotion of concern to the smoothness of its highest notes, makes me think that it is more a moment in life when you realize you are moving forward but I can not help but feel some sadness for what I thought I wanted to leave him behind. So it seems mostly a state of melancholy. And maybe that's what she intended.

    In short, I am satisfied with the musical arrangement and lyrics, but especially in the vocal style of Selena. No, she's not like Christina bands (for those who think that singers should sound the same), but of course it is not Christina, she is Selena. And while Selena may not have the vocal range of some of the best singers still sing with emotion. And that makes it very pleasant to hear.

    That said, I do not think this song could have done well in the lists?

    Topping the charts is often more about perception is, is singing a song, a song that affects you at any given time, the amount that enters the airways. Of course, that's not a formula for all high-performance songs, but the point is that you can not tell how well a song will do no matter how well written. But that certainly can not judge, punish or reward, simply because of their ranking in the Top 100.

    As a final note, I would say that I hope that teams with more skilled a writer to at least one song on their next album, someone who can take advantage of his emotional style, not just the group to write a bunch of songs in the fall into a mentality out and say it's a day (that's the sense I get from some of the other tracks on the CD). But I guess it really depends on how bad you are taking this musical adventure.

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Selena Gomez the star of the Disney TV series

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Caroline Thesis in the cookbook

    In the end, Caroline Thesis discover not so kind words Teresa wrote about it in the cookbook Fabulicious. As we reported last week, Caroline and Jacqueline Laurita no longer talk to Teresa, and now we bring you the exact reasons!

    As things reached a boiling point during the fashion show two weeks ago when Posch allegedly conspired to expose Teresa Melissa Gorga as a stripper past, an insider tells RHONJ Caroline and Jacqueline had stopped talking to Teresa before that event.

    The reason? The two have had with her after seeing her true colors. "They have seen the real Teresa through this last season with Melissa. Melissa is very close with Jacqueline and Caroline," the source said.

    While Joe Gorga shouting match with Kim D. in the fashion Posch has been widely reported, our insider adds that Jacqueline and Teresa also got in a fight of the night. In fact the two best friends first be seen going into a lot of fights in the fourth season ahead, which is still filming at the moment.

    Another reason for the tension between Caroline / Jacqueline and Teresa also has to do with many business initiatives Teresa. Apparently, Teresa has stepped Jacqueline and Caroline fingers, get into business I knew we were planning to do.

    "Teresa knew what Jacqueline and Caroline were working on as far as business and Teresa went to her back and copy what they were doing .... in other words, he stole their ideas for making money," said the source. Caramba!

    Our source adds that Caroline and Jacqueline are absolutely did with Teresa! "Jacqueline and Caroline Teresa is a liar, vindictive, and therefore the fame that she did not care about anything else. Teresa is going to sabotage anyone to remain relevant."

    And while Kathy Wakil Melissa Gorga and have diplomatic ties with his recent public comments about Teresa, our insider reveals that NJ is still no friends, because none of its cast members attended the party RHONJ launch of its wine Fabellini the Friday night.

    "None of the other women, their husbands or children were present. There is a cast member was present. It burned all the bridges had," says the source. "Dina Manzo was there for less than an hour. Neither Teresa" friends "were there. It was all the family and the Bravo team."

    He also attended the brother-in-law of Teresa Giudice Pete and his wife Sheila Giudice. Bravo has been rumored that Sheila is considering for the fifth season.

    Our insider adds that Sheila, who is not a fan of Teresa, is desperate to be on the show and now has changed his team Alliance team Teresa Melissa! With reports of Caroline and Jacqueline leave the show after season 4, it will be interesting to see if Bravo decides to Sheila.

    After seeing that, yes, it could also be talking behind his back, his feelings were hurt super.

    The real housewife from New Jersey, went to her blog to express their frustrations:

    All the while we were filming, I had no idea what people were saying about me. I assumed they were all my friends.

    I speak not of personalities or their children or how to spend your money, or how smart you think they are. I say, 'It bothered me, but I will not let it bother me.

    Cut to all the others: "Teresa can not be reasoned with Teresa fell on her head as a baby, 'All about my" character defects and how not to "grow", what I am "cute." I had no idea that I was hitting well.

    Hmm, we wonder if this has to do with the material or just tweet that co-star Jacqueline Laurita wrote, calling her "scum."

    Well, I think that addresses that, too, as she says she plans to take a break from Twitter that "it is a very healthy place" for her at this time.

    Giiirl! If you go to the source (and sometimes throwing the dishes, literally, as you flip on a table), be prepared to take!

    Teresa Giudice antics as one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, caught the attention of television viewers Bravo. But it is becoming well known by the financial crisis now facing after her husband hid millions of dollars in debt. Giudice said the armies of the opinion that she thought was going on within your means. After her husband's investments met them, he came clean and the couple declared bankruptcy.

    Hide the expense of a spouse is not always so dramatic, and is more common than you think. According to surveys conducted by CESI Debt Solutions, Capital One, and the University of Pennsylvania, about a third of us lie to our partners about our spending. These relatively informal surveys do not distinguish between a forgotten food at Taco Bell or overspending episode worthy of its own hogs. However, the researchers found six common themes hidden costs:

    # 1: Gift and discretionary spending

    Personal financial advisors agree that most of the parties must allow at least one other that are proper budget to play with every month. But the hidden gifts and waste is often a sign of lack of control in other areas of our relations. An extravagant gift for your spouse or your children may seem like a great was to show that you care about them, but psychologists warn that the purchase of affection does not lead to lasting happiness. Cars, boats, houses and can easily become symbols of negative inflection points in the family finances.

    # 2: Credit Card Debt

    In an informal survey, one in five respondents admitted that keeping a secret credit card. Hidden debt credit card you can put an enormous strain on a relationship, if only because the stress of keeping a spouse finds out. Not only should you keep bank statements and passwords secret from your spouse, you have to make extra money to pay finance charges and fees. Secret accounts often find the light of day when the spouses are innocent credit applications, as the search for pre-approved for a mortgage or apply for a joint account bank card issuer secret.

    # 3: Loans to family and friends

    Personal loans can ruin the marriage, friendship and family ties, especially when not paid. If it is not bad enough to hide your spouse's personal loans, imagine the problem is that Uncle Sam starts looking in their books. In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service has stepped up enforcement of the rules governing loans between friends and family. Even an interest free loan could leave you on the hook for what the government calls "imputed interest" or the amount of money you would have done if he had borrowed money at market rates.

    # 4: Hidden Savings

    Scott and Bethany Palmer authors write about five common "financial personality", including one called "The Search for Security." It's easy for them to see beyond the natural savings goals, like college or retirement, and obsess about the day he might have to escape a failed marriage. In many cases, their actions become self-fulfilling prophecies. Other times, savers may feel compelled to hide husbands happy spending money I do not think that far ahead when it comes to money. Both examples highlight a lack of trust that can arise in relationships between people who did not fully investigate their financial compatibility before marriage.

    # 5: Failed Investment

    Even with the best of intentions, a spouse may sabotage savings plans so far-reaching investment decisions wrong. Palmers point the differences between security seekers and "risk takers", entrepreneurs and investors willing to put everything on the line in exchange for a shot at a windfall. Like hiding the credit card debt concealment require constant treatment no real estate or a broken stock selection may force the husbands to work overtime or take risks even greater, only to leave yet.

    # 6: Food and Beverages

    It's easy to "eat their feelings" when something is wrong with their relationship. For some couples, a morning ritual in the service window can become hundreds of dollars a month in unexpected costs. Surveys indicate that the purchase of alcohol couples with each other more often than anything else in this category. If it's buying a round of friends after work or concealing an addiction, it is easy to hide a small number of credit card charges until the other spouse starts to wonder where all the money went.

    According to psychologist Dr. Kalman Heller, the majority of couples spending habits of each other, because each spouse feels afraid or embarrassed about some aspect of themselves. Heller and other relationship experts advise setting a time each month to see the financial statements and regular bills, so that spouses can discuss rationally the money rather than fight for it. Some "money" in the budget of each spouse to use as they wish can also disable the arguments. Clear how the money can accommodate parties of the relationship that really need attention.

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Caroline Thesis in the cookbook

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